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Rocket Strikes Oil In New York

By now everyone knows that The Rocket, Roger Clemens is back with the New York Yankees. 

"Welcome home!" radio cheerleader Suzan Waldman exclaimed, even though Clemens has only spent five of his 22 year career in pinstripes. Is that woman ever going to get a clue? 

The Yankees have signed Clemens to a one-year 28 million dollar contract. I'm sorry, $28,000,022. I short changed him $22. The extra $22 represents his playing number. Isn't that cute?

Clemens, who is coming off of a 7-6 year with a 2.30 ERA in AAAA Baseball (National League), is joining a team that is off to a terrible start. With tonight's loss, they are now a full six games out of first place. 

This is an obvious panic move by the Skanks. Torre and Cashman are feeling the pressure (as they should), and with Kei Igawa's recent meltdown and Pavono once again going under the knife, the Yankee hierarchy had to do something. They had to do something dramatic. Something to distract the ancient owner. Something to distract the overbearing media. A little smoke and mirrors to fool loser Yankee fans. Hence, $28 mil for a 45-year-old gun for hire. Who by the way, has the freedom to come and go as he pleases on his off days. Something Joe Torre has always said would never happen.

I doubt that this move is going to make much of a difference. Sure, Clemens is a great pitcher. Personally, I think he's the greatest pitcher of all time. But, it's too little too late for the Skanks. It's going to be hard to pick up six games on the Sox mostly because this Yankee team isn't that good. They still aren't getting timely hits. The bullpen is a disaster and completely over worked (thanks Joe!), and Mo just isn't Mo anymore.

It will be fun watching Clemens back in pinstripes, and I do love watching the guy pitch. I just hope this really is the end for him. It would be nice to see Torre, Pettitte, Arod, Mo, Cashman, Pavono and Bernie go away with him.



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