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Wade Comes Back, But Heat Fall In OT, 111-103

Dwyane Wade returned from his shoulder injury, but he tried to do too much against the Bobcats and it wound up costing Miami the victory.

I only caught the second half of this game, so I wasn't as into it as I usually am. It was Easter, after all.

Miami trailed at halftime, 57-47. Charlotte opened the third quarter with a quick 6-0 run, causing the Heat to call a time out after 1:20 into the quarter. Miami got their act together, and after a Posey three, the lead was back to ten.

Things stayed that way for much of the third and fourth quarters. In the fourth, the line up of Wade, Payton, Kapono, Mourning and Walker got the Heat back in the game. With four minutes to play, they tied the score.

The Bobcats didn't run away and hide. They sacked up, and took whatever the Heat could give them. They played tough, and with less than three seconds left in the game, Gerald Wallace put his head down and drove to the rim. He forced up a shot that didn't count because time had expired. The two teams went into overtime.

In overtime, the Heat ran everything through D-Wade. Wade was tired by now, but had his confidence back that he lacked in the first couple of quarters. He hit a couple of jumpers, but also took some bad, forced shots. He was also horrible from the line, going 6-12. He finished with 12 points, eight assists and six turnovers.

The Heat were done in by some guy named  Walter Herrmann. Who? Exactly. This guy drained three, three's in OT. I think they were in a row, too.

That was all she wrote for the Heat. Hopefully they'll get payback on Tuesday night when they play the Bobcats again in Charlotte.


I didn't catch any of the game, was too busy watching the Sixers take care of business. http://www.depressedfan.com/blog/2007/04/sixers_show_heart_ground_the_h.php Did Wade take any serious contact? Was he aggressive going to the hoop (I assume he was if he had 12 FTAs)? Going to be interesting to see how long he's back for if he's got the same style and/or if he's going to be effective playing a more euro (soft) style of ball.

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