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Um, When Is D-Wade Coming Back?

Because in games like these, the Heat really need him.

I'm writing this as the Heat and Cavs play into overtime, and despite whatever the outcome is the Heat miss Dwyane Wade bigtime in games against good teams. They miss his ability to take the final shot, and his knack for getting to the line. 

Miami squeaked out a win 94-90, and that's what matters, but once again they gave up their lead late and allowed Cleveland back into the game, then they were able to force overtime. Good defense, by of all people Jason Williams, and clutch free throw shooting, also by Jwil, gave Miami the win.

Williams had a horrible game. If it wasn't for his steal of a LeBron James pass late in OT, and his shots from the line, he wouldn't have even been mentioned in this blog entry. He was 1-8, for five points and only three assists. Pretty weak.

The real star for Miami was Number 8! That's right, Antoine Walker! This guy comes into the game shooting 26% from three. Horrible. So what does he do? He goes 6-8 from behind the arc, and finishes with 20 points and six rebounds. Gary Payton, the Mitten, also had a solid game. Four points, four rebounds and eight dimes in only 21 minutes. Overall, Miami's bench came up huge, and really helped the Heat keep their lead throughout the game.

The Cleveland Cavs came out dragging verses Miami and found themselves in the hole early. Shaq dominated the first half, quickly getting the Cleveland bigs in foul trouble.  Miami controlled the tempo for most of the game, but in the fourth quarter, LeBron made some big shots and big passes. He finished with 35 points, nine rebounds and five assists. Impressive, but not enough for the win. 

Don't blame Drew Gooden for the loss. It wasn't his fault. That guy is a monster. He was good for 14 points and 14 rebounds. Good thing Memphis traded him a couple of years ago. Someone should check Jerry West's pulse.

Miami is now a game and a half in front of Washington in the Southeast Division, and with Agent Zero going down with a knee injury, I don't see that lead getting any smaller. The Heat are currently the number four seed, a game behind the Raptors. The next couple of games are on the road, including tomorrow night's trap game against the Celtics. Hopefully, Miami can side step that landmine, and continue to prepare for the playoffs.

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