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The Shirtless Park Tanner Yacks Again!

That's right Yankee fans, your boy, Arod ripped another homerun in the first inning tonight against the Twins. That's three games in a row (I think), and number six on the season. It was a two-run blast that gave Andy Pettitte a lead before he even took the mound. Arod gave Pavano a similar lead yesterday, allowing Carl to take the mound with a safety blanket. It turned out he didn't need it.

I wonder how all of you loser Yankee fans feel about Arod now? Do you still hate him? Is he clutch yet? Does it not matter until he does it in October? November? What's it like to go to Yankee Stadium and pay $40+ for tickets, $15+ for parking, $7.50+ for a 12oz. beer (of course you probably drink six of those), $10+ for a chicken finger meal and then boo Arod?

And for what? Because he's not Jeter? You're right, losers. He's not Jeter.HE'S A HUNDRED TIMES BETTER THAN JETER!!!!!

What's that, losers? I'm crazy? I'm stupid? I must be a Mets fan? Actually your wrong. I'm just not in love with Mr. Jeter. I think Jeter is a good player, a clutch player, but he's no where near what Arod is. You loser NY fans can't see past your thick New York accents to realize that, but after Alex bats .320 with 55 Hr's and 140 RBI this year, signs a contract in the off season for about $180 mil. with the Marlins, you'll realize that you ruined the best thing that has ever happened to you. 

Then you can go around saying that Arod was all about the money. Like if someone offered you $180 million, you would decline, and stay with your $75 million, three-year contract, only to stay in a market where everyone hates you, no matter how many MVP's you win.

Wake up, losers. And when Arod comes to the plate, cheer for the guy. You can boo him next year when he's playing shortstop for another team. 


First of all, A-Rod gets the benefit of the doubt every time he comes to the plate. He's gotten booed when he choked, and deservedly so. And yes, if you want to look at career or regular season numbers, A-Rod's a much better player than Jeter. A-Rod's a much better player than every other player in the major leagues (except bonds and maybe pujols) if that's your standard, but he has not done it in the post season. That's just a fact. And if you pay that money to go to a game, it's your right to boo A-Rod if you want to. Jeter doesn't get booed because he's done it when it really counts. This team is Jeter's because he's done it when it counts. I don't know too many Yankee fans who actively root against A-Rod, and I'm not saying it's completely or even mostly his fault that this team hasn't won a ring since he got here, but it's very disappointing to see the best player of our generation completely unravel when the games start to really mean something. That's why he gets booed. If he leaves, he leaves, but I kinda doubt the Marlins are going to fork over $180M for him when their entire payroll is in the $30M range. I hope A-Rod has a monster season, wins the MVP and carries that success right through the post season and brings a ring back to the Bronx. After that he can walk, he can stay, it's up to him, it's his option, not the team's. If he wants to leave, that's his right. If I want to boo, or any fan wants to boo anyone on the team, that's our right. If it drives him out of town, then I guess the boo birds must be onto something about his character.

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