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Pocket Fulla Puts Toronto On Ice

It was a big game, a "must win" according to Heat coach Pat Riley, and the Miami Heat held off the Toronto Raptors for a 92-89 victory. With the victory and Washington loss (122-102 to the Bobcats), Miami is now in first place and owns the tie breaker against the Raptors. So if the Raptors finish with the same record as the Heat, the Heat will get the higher seeding. This could be huge because chances are the Heat will be playing for the third seed, and if they lost tonight they would have wound up playing on the road in the first round of the playoffs, and possibly a second round match up with the Detroit Pistons. That still might happen, but hopefully the Heat can win enough games to stay right where they are.

Heat fans can thank James Pocket Fulla' Posey for this victory. The guy only had six points (four from the charity stripe), but his 13 rebounds were huge and his free throws were clutch. He sealed the game for Miami.

The Heat came out like gangbusters and nailed nine of their first ten shots, but weak defense kept the Raptors right on their heals. Jwil was hot, slicing and dicing his way to the rim for easy baskets and hitting a couple of early 3's.  He had 12 at halftime, but for the second straight game stopped shooting the ball in the second half. He only had two points in the second half.

The Raptors were cleaning up on the glass all game, but really turned it on in the second half. Chris Bosh and Rasho Nesterovic had 20 rebounds between them and eight of them were offensive. Toronto started getting Shaq involved in pick-and-rolls and it was killing Miami. With Shaq out trying to guard T.J. Ford the Raptor's bigs were able to roam free under the rim for short jumpers and lay ins. It's nice to know that after being in the league 100 years, Shaq still doesn't know how to defend the pick-and-roll.

Toronto got close in the final minutes of the game, but the Heat and Posey held them off. Both teams had several oppertunities to give themselves some breathing room, but were unable to get a shot or in Miami's case, get a shot attempt. They turned the ball over a ton of times.

Thank God for Posey. Good thing Memphis traded him and Jwil for Eddie Jones two year ago. Now that Jones is on Miami, after Memphis bought out the final year of his contract, that trade makes even more sense. 




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