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Heat Stink, Quit, Lose And Get Ready For Playoffs

The Miami Heat got blown out on the road tonight, forcing me to channel surf when they emptied the bench in the middle of the third quarter. They lost to the Charlotte Bobcats, 92-82.

How bad were the Heat? Walker lead them in scoring (17 points) and rebounds (9).

The Heat have completely quit on the season, and are just resting up for the playoffs. Tonight Shaq, Payton and Haslem sat out the game. It was Haslem's first game missed all season. He had been the only starter to play in every game this year.

Wade started in this one, but he was still rusty as hell. He had four turnovers. Between Jwil, Wade and Walker, they combined for 11 turnovers. Not really playoff type numbers. If the Heat are going to continue to play like this, I might stop covering the games until the playoffs start. I'm not here to waste time.

Tomorrow the Heat take on the Washington Wizards. It was supposed to be a big game, but Washington is playing terribly right now. They miss Agent Zero and fell to the Nets tonight. You know you're bad when you lose to the Nets. I can't wait for them to go to Brooklyn.

On a side note, James Posey got arrested Monday night and charged with a DUI. He claims he's innocent. Riley said he won't take any action against Posey until he finds out all the facts. I doubt that Riley will suspend Posey for any games during the playoffs, so it will be interesting to see what happens. Stay tuned.


I love watching highlights of Walter Hermann absolutely abusing the Heat. Cleveland in the first round, Detroit in the second (if they get past LeBron). This team is not repeating. Write it down.
Dude, they OWN the Cavs. Look it up. As far as Detriot, they beat them last year, the year before they took them to seven games, and this year they have Webber instead of Big Ben. The Heat will be in the Finals.
Last year they had a healthy Wade. This year all the old guys are a year older, Wade's still hurt, and they're playing like crap down the stretch. Care to wager on whether the Heat make the finals?

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