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Sixers Begin Five Game Losing Streak

The Sixers have been rolling lately, but that's all coming to an end.

My prediction.

At Atlanta = L

Chicago = L

Utah = L

Houston = L

At Detroit = L

Atlanta is a classic "trap" game that will start this downward spiral. Sorry if anyone had pipe dream playoff hopes. Those will be dashed to bits by the end of next week.


I guess it's possible, although I don't see Atlanta as a trap game. The four games after Atlanta are tough, but all at home. We'll see how it plays out. You should actually watch a Sixers game before you make predictions though, they're playing better ball than the Heat are right now, and their hopes aren't resting on the shoulders of 4 players over 35 years-old and a gimpy point guard.
There isn't a team in the NBA playing better than the Heat right now. After they wax the Wiz tonight, they will only be one game out of first place. So much for you prediction that they won't make the playoffs.
Again, talk to me when the Heat winning streak is longer than the Sixers'.
You guys crack me up with the arguing. The truth is, Brian, the Heat are a legit championship threat, especially if they get Wade back for the playoffs. The 76ers are a bad team on a roll at the end of the season. They should beat the Hawks, because they are good enough now to beat bad teams. The next four games after that are tough, and I can see them beating the Jazz (at home), but I don't see them winning the other three....
IF, Wade comes back as the same Dwyane Wade before the injury, then yes, they have a shot at getting back to the finals. But the Wade that comes back will not be that player. This team the Heat are trotting out there right now are not. They're playing over their heads, and getting lucky. Those old legs won't keep this up. And the Sixers are playing better basketball than the Heat are right now, I won't back down from that statement because it's a fact, bad team or not.
How are the Sixers playing better basketball than the Heat? Who have they beaten? A Lakers team that has lost six in a row? Besides the Lakers, the only other team they have beaten with a .500 record were the Suns. In the last eight games, the Heat have beaten the Cavs, Pistons and Wiz, twice! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!
So far so good. God, I love the Vault. Great idea, Bri.
So basically this prediction is going to be wrong because of one basket. That still makes it "wrong", but still pretty solid. The important thing was that I called that loss to Atlanta when everything was going the Sixers' way.
Your prediction only lasted as long as it did because of one basket, the Bulls won by 1 point. And yes, you're the smartest ever, predicting a road loss for a team that was 9-23 on the road going into that game. You're a genius.
Finally, some props! I accept your praise, Brian. Like I said, one basket off. Sixers lose 4 out of 5.

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