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Heat Make It Eight Straight

The Miami Heat came to my home state of New Jersey and did in the Nets 93-86 to win their eighth game in a row. I would have been at the game if my wife and I didn't owe New Jersey over $700 in taxes (don't even ask how much we owe federal, we have our company to thank for that). Did you know that there is no state tax in Florida?

So anyway, I have no money so I wasn't able to go to the swamp, and had to watch the TNT broadcast from home. At least it was in HD. Doesn't Nets coach Lawrence Frank look like Charlie Brown? He should be fired.

The game was very competitive, but controlled by Miami. Even when the Nets had the lead, you knew the Heat were going to come back. Miami found themselves trialing at halftime 45-43. They busted through the door in third quarter, outscoring NJ 25-15. After taking a ten point lead, Miami used their defense to lock the Nets down and control the game until the final buzzer.

How good was the Heat's defense? In the last 25 minutes of the game, Vince Carter scored one point.   

Udonis Haslem had the game of his life. New Jersey was so busy worring about how to guard Shaq that they completely forgot about Haslem. He was a one man wrecking crew, going for 21 points and 12 rebounds.

Jason Willams also had a great game for the Heat. He outplayed the over-rated wife beater Jason Kidd. Jwil had 13 points, 12 asissts, 5 rebounds and zero turnovers.  

A quick look at Jason Kidd's stats might make you think he had a good game (10 rebounds, 14 assists and 8 points). But in reality, you can make the argument that he cost New Jersey the game. First of all, Kidd had three turnovers. All of which came when the Nets were on a run. All three TO's shifted the momentum back to the Heat. Also, with about a minute left and the Nets down only four, Kidd had a wide (and I mean w-i-d-e), open look at three. He put up an airball.  

The Sacromento Queens are next for Miami tomorrow night. I'm offically worried about this game. The Heat have to fly back to Miami tonight in the rain and possible snow storm, then get ready for team that has lost four in row. Back-to-back's are never easy in the NBA especially when you have to travel between them.  

Even if the win streak comes to end tomorrow night, the Heat have made up a lot of ground in the last two weeks and are now a serious contender in the East.  

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