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Heat Get Waxed 95-70

Every now and then every team in the NBA is going to have a game like this one. One where nothing works, offensively or defensively, and the other team comes out making every shot, dominating the glass and getting all the calls.

Unfortunately, the Heat wound up on the short end of the stick in tonight's game. I could have started this blog with four minutes left in the first quarter when the Heat were already down by 20 points. They finished the quarter with a total of nine points. Ouch.

The Indiana Pacers rocked the Heat for 48 minutes. Mike Dunleavy took it to Miami early and often. He finished with 20 points. He was hitting 3's, dunking, setting up guys for easy layups, basically the Heat's defense made him look like Larry Bird.

The Heat's offensive wasn't any better than their D. Jwil jacked a bunch of bad 3's, and turned the ball over three times. Eddie Jones and James Posey combined for 10 points on 4 for 13 shooting. Shaq lead the team with 13 points. How weak is that?

Pat Riley tried to shake up the line up early by plugging Dorrel Wright, Payton and Walker. It didn't work. No. 8 had four points in 20 minutes, on 0-8 shooting. Enough said.

I'm really not too upset about this loss. These things happen. What can't happen is for this team to make a habit of not showing up for games. Saturday night they take on the Sixers, who we all know blow. They can't afford a loss tomorrow night, not only because the 69ers' are an abortion of a team, but because Brian over at depressedfan.com will never let me live it down. 



The Sixers took care of business in Indy. 2 seed my ass.
Ok, 3 seed. As long as they have home court in the first round.
The #3 is still in reach, especially if Jameson is really hurt.

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