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Yanks Roundtable Part 2

This is part 2 of the Yankees Round Table here at Blogs by Fans, see part 1 at depressedfan.com.

Question No. 1.

Let me start by saying that your love affair with Philip Hughes has got to stop. I have never heard someone talk so much about a pitcher they have never seen pitch. This guy will hopefully stay in the minors all year until the September call-ups. The less I see of Hughes, the better. If he's the Yankees' future, like you and a lot of the local media types claim, than I don't want to see the guy rushed up to the majors.

I'm going to guess that on opening day, Torre is going to start Wang. It will probably be the only move that Torre will make all year that I will agree with.

Torre's starting five in order will be Wang, Pettitte, Mussina, Pavono and Igawa. Based on what I currently know, I'm going to have to agree. I will say this though, I'm expecting a big year out of Pavono (15+ wins) because no man can possible be as worthless as he's proven so far. And I'm expecting Pettitte to be a HUGE bust. This isn't the NL. This isn't the same media that covered the Yanks when the Yanks could do no wrong, and he was never that good to begin with. So I wouldn't expect that starting rotation to be the same come September.

Question No. 2.

This is kind of a tricky answer, but I really don't believe there is anyone on the Yanks that can handle the pressure that surrounds the team on a regular basis. That's right, not even Jeter!

Buster Olney was right when he wrote "The Last Night of the Yankee Dynasty", it's over. The Yanks aren't going to be able to get back to it's winning World Series ways anytime soon. The pressure from the fans, media and players themselves have taken on a life of their own. It's a much different atmosphere than what surrounded the team during the 96'-00' run. Pettitte's about to find that out. Back then there was hope. There was admiration. Pride.

That's all gone now. First place isn't good enough anymore. 100 wins isn't good enough. Division Champions aren't good enough. All that matters is a World Series Championship. When your entire season is based on the ultimate prize, you can't win.

Question No. 3.

To Bernie,

I have hated you from day one when you showed up on the baseball diamond wearing glasses. I want you to know that you are a heartless, emotionless, selfish, most over-rated artist/robot that has ever played the game and no one outside of the Tri-state area even knows who you are. Go die!

Part 3 

Alright, Mike. You are next. See if you can answer these questions three.

     1. Tell me why Joe Torre should be coaching this team after going six years without a championship, and will he be back next year?

     2. If this current team is missing something (i.e. player, manager, GM, intensity, youth), what is it?

     3. For the last several years, the Yankee/Red Sox rivalry has reached an all time high. Especially after the 2004 choke job by the Yanks that reversed the curse. Is the rivalry still as strong as ever? Are the Sox still the Yankees' number one competition. If not, who is? Finally, does the regular season even matter anymore?

Check out the answers to these questions and more at greenpinstripes.com


If Hughes is the real deal he shouldn't be coddled. Limiting his innings now will only lead to a lack of arm strength a couple of years down the road. I absolutely want to see him in pinstripes this year. All accounts say he's got the stuff and the makeup to contribute now, so why make him toil in the minors and throw 150 innings. It's a waste, and it's also why there are so many injuries to pitchers these days. They don't throw enough when they're young. Jeter is a leader, and he has the fire and will to win. The problem is basically what A-Rod said years ago, he's the two hitter. He gets his hits in the postseason, but they usually don't mean as much because he's not in an RBI slot in the lineup. The answer I think I was looking for was Melky. He's got the desire which this team has been sorely lacking. And come on, don't wish death on Bernie, just wish a failed career as a "classical" guitarist.
Jeter has handled the pressure since his rookie year. He's the guy you want up at bat when it counts. And Bri, I like Melky too, but I'm going to hold off on coronating him as the next Yankee sensation. Two words: Oscar Azocar . . .
Azocar was a monster for that one year. But comparing Melky to Oscar isn't fair. Azocar swung at everything, and that's what did him in. It didn't take long for pitchers to realize he'd get himself out. Melky is extremely selective at the plate, which is rare for a young hitter, and very good indicator for future success.
I agree with Brian. Melky has already proved to me that he's not a one season wonder. He's basically Cano, just a year behind. I look forward to watching them both battle for a hitting crown this year.
I like Melky too and also believe he's going to be a good player, but he was playing with zero expectations last year. Now, there are expectations. Hopefully, he'll come through.

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